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More services we offer.
We are soles agents of:
1. International Contracts like Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda & Burundi
• Telecom Contracts
• Oil & gas tender project
• Mining & Refining
2. Auto mechanic supplies
• Generators
• Hammered vehicles to governments
3. Solid and liquid  waste management
4. Renewable energy
5. Monitoring and evaluation
6. Well organizing the meetings
7. Travel agents

8. Agriculture developmen, seeds, storage technology and generic enhancement.

9. Credit financing and savings support for rural active peasants.

10. Alternative energy support and development.

11. Capacity building and research enhancement.

12. Advanced Technology acquisition and Procurement.

13. Logistics management and acquistion.

14. Gabbage/Refusal control and management; solid and liquid.

15. Hides and skiming.


About charges
Upon a word of contract is 2% of the contract
Visitation and meeting is 0.2% of the contract.
(a) Intermediate charges
- Picking a client from Airport  to Hotel.
- From Airport traveling the whole country.